Kansas Jayhawks Commit Andrew Wiggins Did Not Arrive In Lawrence Today, But Later This Week

By Dave Daniels
Gatorade- Susan Goldman

It was reported initially that Andrew Wiggins might arrive in Lawrence by midweek, but it appears that it will happen later this week.

Wiggins won the Gatorade national high school boys basketball player of the year award, and he is in the running for athlete of the year later in the summer. I will probably get a chance to speak to him, so if any of my readers have questions feel free to hit me up.

Wiggins is facing great expectations next year, more so statistically by me as opposed to on a team basic. Some have predicted the Kansas Jayhawks will be national contenders next year, but not me. I have predicted that Wiggins will average a double-double near the level of Kevin Durant’s freshman year, but I do not expect the Jayhawks to advance past the elite eight. Who knows though?

Bill Self is a great coach and if he can get the best out of Andrew Wiggins, then the Jayhawks might seem like more dangerous trouble than they do right now.

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