Andrew Wiggins Needed a Bit of Summer Rest Before Kansas Jayhawks Season Begins

By Dave Daniels
Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw the below article which had some nice quotes from Andrew Wiggins’ father Mitchell Wiggins. Apparently all the media attention in the last year took their toll on Andrew and he just needed a bit of a break from it; I like the fact that Mitchell highlights Andrew’s youth in the below quote as well.

“Up until this year, he’s played in all of Canada’s tournaments,” the Mitchell Wiggins said to “The last couple of years have been very taxing on him. We talked to Steve Nash and Bill Self and we tried to come up with a program that fits everybody, but also gets Andrew some rest because, at the end of the day he’s 18. He’s a talented kid, but he’s 18.”

The schedule that they have set up seems to work perfectly for everyone. Wiggins got to have a bit of a break from the media and he has probably taken plenty of alone time to work on his game and may even be playing with his brothers again during the summer months. Canadian basketball will have Wiggins’ commitment in the future and it will be interesting to see how Wiggins’ relationship with Steve Nash develops as well. And the Kansas Jayhawks will have Wiggins over the summer to take classes and lighten his load a bit more during the course of the year.

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