Mitchell Wiggins Says Andrew Wiggins Is "Committed to the Canadian National Program"

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Recently read the excellent piece below about Andrew Wiggins and fans of Canadian basketball should be glad to read this one.

Wiggins has said in the past that he wants to win Canadian basketball a gold medal in the future, so fans of that goal happening need not worry.

“The biggest thing was having Steve, Canada Basketball and coach Self on the same page,” Mitchell Wiggins said to John Chick of CBC Sports. “He’s committed to the Canadian national program, but we just felt this was best route for him to go. I think the route he’s chosen to go is the right way because, after this year, things will change. After this year, he’s not going to have a lot of [down time]. He’ll be playing on the national team and, hopefully, in the NBA … he’s going to be fresh, he’s going to be healthy and his commitment is there as far as Canada Basketball.”

Wiggins will be taking summer school class in Lawrence and when the college basketball season starts, then he will become the center of media attention once again. The tweet below made me chuckle out loud a bit and also made me wonder where Wiggins will eventually be drafted.

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