Aaron Gordon Throws Down Alley Oop From Jahlil Okafor at U-19 Practice

By Dave Daniels
Aaron Gordon
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Recently came across the tweet below recording an alley oop between Jahlil Okafor and Aaron Gordon.

Any way that you shake it, this is a pretty nasty alley pop. It is almost a shame that Okafor will not play with Gordon in college; I almost feel bad for the U-19 squads that have to go against those two though. It is almost not fair.

The U-19 squad should definitely win the gold medal with all the talent that they have and talent pool for U.S. Olympic basketball has never been better. The Canadian team will be pretty good within the next few years, but they will still have trouble matching up with the U.S. side.

Okafor will be one of the main options on the team, but having someone like Gordon to throw the ball to is not a bad option at all to have. There are some talented guards on the team as well and their moment to shine will come quite soon.

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