Andrew Wiggins Will Surpass Steve Nash As Best Canadian Baller of All Time

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw the tweet below and it made me wonder if Andrew Wiggins will surpass Steve Nash not only in Canadian basketball history, but also in the Phoenix Suns’ basketball history. The Suns history is painful too with many moments of coming so close to a championship, but always being just one game or step behind.

The reason Wiggins will surpass Nash’s international career is simply because Wiggins has the teammates to do it. Tyler Ennis and Xavier Rathan-Mayes are no slouches and they will both be difference makers on the international team though not as big of one as Wiggins. Wiggins will be looked upon to lead the squad in a Luol Deng kind of role from the last Olympics, but still with a bit more help than Deng had.

Nash will help Wiggins along the way as Nash will be running the Canadian basketball program when Wiggins plays on the 2016 Olympic squad; that is if they qualify by the way.

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