Emmanuel Mudiay Ranked Second Best Point Guard in 2014 Recruiting Class By Scout

By Dave Daniels
John Calipari
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw the tweet below and something tells me that Emmanuel Mudiay would take exception to the saying that he is the second best point guard in the class. He has been working his butt off this summer and expect him to come back with an even more improved game next year.

I happen to agree with Scout that Tyus Jones is a better player at this point, but I do think Mudiay’s ceiling is higher than Jones. That is because of Mudiay’s wingspan more than anything, but you have to love the fire Mudiay plays with as well. Mudiay will be capable of amazing things defensively and he will be a force on that end of the floor.

Mudiay will have a chance to prove his chops next year and we will all eagerly await to see what he is capable of; something tells me it is going to be special to watch. So you better keep your eyes open.

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