Boston Celtics Clearly Rebuilding and Have Their Eye on 2014 NBA Draft

By Dave Daniels
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The Boston Celtics have been making moves lately, and most of the moves mean the Celtics are going to be really bad next year. Rajon Rondo is now alone on his island and he is probably wondering where all of his supposed “ubuntu” teammates are now. They played him pretty cold here and it is kind of hard to watch happen honestly. Think there is plenty of bad karma to go around next year and it is going to be a strange year of basketball.

The Celtics though apparently could lose their lottery pick to the Hawks if it ends up being a good one. Who knows what they can get in return for Rondo though; it seems as though he may be on the move, but we will keep you posted at Rant Sports if there are any updates.

The Celtics know there is going to be a lot of talent in the draft and they clearly want their record to be bad next year. The thing is that karma is real and it just might come back to bite the Celtics.

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