Interview with Morgan Andrews Who Wants to "Win A National Championship And Three More After That"

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Thanks to the fantastic Gatorade company I had the chance recently to talk with Gatorade’s high school girls athlete of the year Morgan Andrews who took home the soccer award last year as well. She also sat next to Abby Wambach, and one thing that Wambach impressed on Andrews was to “be yourself”. That is wise advice from a two time Olympic gold medalist and something tells me the words sank in for Andrews, but we will have to see next year.

Also had the opportunity to interview Wambach, which you can check out on our Soccer dashboard. It was a pleasure speaking to everyone and shout out again to the Gatorade company. Andrews was adorable in the way she talked about her experiences in high school and it seems she has had some excellent teachers who will be proud of her throughout her career.

Stay tuned for more interviews later this week and all the support is much appreciated.

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