Duke Blue Devils Forward Jabari Parker Will Shake Up the ACC Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Been writing and following Jabari Parker’s basketball activities for a bit over a year now and it seems to me that he has fallen out of the limelight somewhat, because of the emergence of Andrew Wiggins. This is dangerous because even in the limelight Parker achieved four straight state titles. It makes me wonder what he can do if people underrate him for a long period of time. That will only motivate him more and no one is more excited than me to see the player he develops into.

Parker was last year’s Gatorade basketball player of the year and it should be fascinating to watch the rivalry between him and Wiggins develop over time.

Parker will call some pro team his home one day and there will be plenty of teams tanking for his services next season.

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