Arizona Wildcats Commit Aaron Gordon's Hype Catching Up to Other Elite Prospects

By Dave Daniels
Aaron Gordon
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Gordon has been hiding out in the West coast for some time now, but the time is approaching that the light of his talent is no longer hidden from the world. Good Lord, I cannot wait for college basketball season to start.

Gordon played on a high school team with not a lot of other stars so he would typically get the brunt of the opposition’s defense. This will serve him well at the next level, because he might have a little bit more room to operate.

Nothing is for sure though and some have written in the past that Gordon struggles when reduced to a half court set; that remains to be seen, but Gordon had the benefit this summer of sharpening his game against Jahlil Okafor. Not a bad sparring partner at all.

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