Justise Winslow Thinks Tyus Jones, Jahlil Okafor Package Trio is Best Scenario

By Dave Daniels
Jahlil Okafor
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Saw the tweet below and wouldn’t you know it but Justise Winslow looks like he is for real on hopping on the Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor package recruiting deal. Just Jones and Okafor would make it the best package deal in NCAA history, but adding Winslow to the mix would make them a juggernaut. That combined with the fact Winslow does not want to play against an Okafor-Jones tandem makes it radically clear that Winslow playing with the duo gives him the best shot at a championship.

Winslow recently helped the US U-19 squad bring home a gold medal and Okafor was his roomate throughout the summer. Don’t think that is a coincidence at all. Not me anyway.

These young men are smart and they know they need talent to win as a team, and something tells me if the three get together they will win as a team.

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