Kansas Jayhawks Commit Andrew Wiggins Wants to Play Kobe Bryant One-on-One

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Gatorade high school athlete of the year awards gave us all a number of new Andrew Wiggins’ stories and you won’t find me complaining here. Wiggins was named the Gatorade high school boys athlete of the year last Tuesday and deservedly so. Also saw the tweet below and apparently Wiggins wants to go one-on-one with Kobe Bryant one day. Let’s hope that Bryant stays in the league for more than one more year and that we can make this happen.

Wiggins has a great deal of respect for Bryant and rightfully so. The Black Mamba is a competitive force of nature to steal a turn of phrase from Skip Bayless (dear God why did I do that).

Wiggins is going to have pro teams thinking tank next year, but it will only work out well for one of them to get Wiggins. The rest will have to settle for a player like Jabari Parker.

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