Jabari Parker Was Shorter than Derrick Rose Back in Eight Grade

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Saw the picture below and it was quite amazing to see. Derrick Rose looks exactly like he looked back in high school. Or at least close enough to be noteworthy. Jabari Parker on the other hand has shed a lot of baby fat and he is no longer shorter than Rose that is for sure.

Parker has not only grown physically, but his game has grown as well. He is now a full fledged man-boy and his freshman year will be watched with great curiosity. He is currently ranked below Andrew Wiggins as a player, so it will be interesting to see if Parker comes out with something to prove next season.

They will both be in the pros one day, but for now we will just have to enjoy their college rivalry. It should be a blast to watch.

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