SEC Football Will Be As Strong As Ever With Recent Recruiting

By Tim Carroll
Jim Brown – USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that SEC teams have one the last seven National Championships, including one title game featuring two SEC teams in a rematch from the regular season. There is a clear separation in the talent spread from the players from SEC schools and the talent from every other school in the nation, and it’s shown in the boxscores of some of these national title games. From Florida‘s 41-14 demolition of Ohio State in 2007 to Alabama‘s 42-14 drubbing of Notre Dame this past season, the SEC teams have shown that their teams have the defenses to shut down any high-powered, spread offensive system in the nation. All of this has started with recruiting, the way these schools as a group have been able to rake in talent has given them the clear-cut edge to produce titles, and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

The 2014 Class rankings of ESPN has included 10 SEC schools among the top 25 in the country, and 11 among the top 26 by Rivals. These rankings can be debated over and over, and we won’t know who really has the best players until a couple years down the road, but the message has been sent that the SEC generally recruits well. They have developed a reputation as playing a tougher brand of football than anyone else, but it really has to do with the fact that they are simply deeper at every defensive position. This has led to great success.

As every team in the conference tries to extend this streak in upcoming seasons, the only hope that fans of other conferences have is that all the SEC teams defeat each other at least two times, making it extremely unlikely that they could get a bid for the national title game or the future playoff. It will be interesting to see what teams rise in the conference.

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