Dakari Johnson Tweets That It "Feels Good To See Results From Hard Work"

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Dakari Johnson has had a busy summer working out against Julius Randle, but apparently Johnson is ready for a bit of a break from his roommate. Johnson helped his Montverde team to the National High School Invitational and he predicted he would win a national championship in college next year as well. If Johnson can help Randle to a national title, then something tells me the roomates will have to go out on the town for a bit. Randle would at least owe Johnson some roommate swag or something like that.

Something tells me that Randle and Johnson will have great on court chemistry due to their work this summer. Randle is an intriguing talent who is kind of flying under the radar this season due to being injured last year. Some analysts believe he can be as good of a pro prospect as anyone else in his class, but he will have to prove that he can put a full year together injury free before that happens.

Whether the Kentucky Wildcats can achieve Johnson’s prediction remains to be seen, but for all your coverage you know you can count on Rant Sports. We’ve got you covered at the college basketball level and you can bet we will be there on opening night until when the confetti drops.

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