Nigel Williams-Goss Strength of Schedule in High School Will Benefit Him With Washington Huskies

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Recently read the blog post below about Nigel Williams-Goss, which I appreciated quite a bit. It makes the point that Williams-Goss’ strength of schedule at Findlay Prep will help him achieve success at the college level. I quite agree, but I do think the point guard will struggle a bit more to adjust to to the pro level of basketball. That is another matter altogether though. He is a mature young player who has probably already maxed out his ability in certain respects, but he is also a worker who will continue to make strides in other areas of his game. The Washington Huskies are certainly hoping Williams-Goss can help make noise for them in the Pac 12 and if can display his dominance early on then the keys to to offense could be handed over quite soon.

Will-Goss took home a gold medal this summer and I was fortunate enough to see him play at the NHSI tournament in Bethesda. His team came out on the short end, but it was no fault of the talented point guard; they just got outmatched. The team USA squad would not be denied though and Williams-Goss can be proud of the way he played this summer. The Washington Huskies will welcome him next season though, and if he can become a star then they will not complain in any way.

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