Center Dakari Johnson Will Most Likely Stay In School More Than One Year

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Dakari Johnson will be coming off the bench next season for the Kentucky Wildcats, so there will not be a lot of tape on him after next season compared to some of the other star players. That may be why we are seeing tweets like the one below, which claims that Johnson would be a late first round pick if he came out after next season. Johnson helped Montverde win the National High School Invitational and shortly afterward predicted that he would win a college championship as well.

John Calipari may have been pleased to hear Johnson’s prediction or maybe the expectations will be too much to bear. In any case you know we will keep you updated here at Rant Sports. The Wildcats will most likely be ranked the preseason number one, but the only thing that they need to do going forward is prove it on the court.

Johnson has been roommates with Julius Randle and it twitter is any indication the two bigs have been playing quite a bit this summer. They most likely are helping each other improve, because how often do they have the opportunity to practice with other talented bigs. It must make things easier when one of those talented big men is your college roommate. You can bet we will keep you posted of Johnson’s progress here at Rant Sports, but his draft stock would certainly be best served by staying in school for more than a year.

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