Jabari Parker Staying Would Almost Assure Duke Blue Devils Ranked Number One

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Duke Blue Devils commit Jabari Parker has said in the past that he will consider staying in school for multiple years, and if he does so then you can pretty much pencil the Blue Devils in for number one next season. Parker’s high school career will be hard to top, but a national title would sure be good medicine although it is along the way to four state titles.

The thing that would truly seal this happening for Parker is if the Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor package deal comes to fruition. That would be a truly perfect storm for the Blue Devils and an eventuality that Coach Mike Krzyzewski never could have expected. It would give the Blue Devils some truly electrifying and also different offensive talent and they do not get in each other’s way at all. Okafor could work the post while Parker and Jones work either side of the perimeter.

Jones and Okafor will be giving the Blue Devils the last word in the recruiting battle and they will be visiting Durham together, which could bode well for Coach K. If this ends up going down, then it would be the best package deal in NCAA basketball history and would vault the Blue Devils into immediate contention.

In the meantime, we will just have to see how Parker’s freshman season goes, and what the amazing package duo ends up deciding to do.

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