Arizona Wildcats Commit Aaron Gordon Comparison To Shawn Kemp Could Prove Spot On

By Dave Daniels
Aaron Gordon
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Just saw the tweet below and have to say I love the comparison of power forward Aaron Gordon to former player Shawn Kemp. Gordon does look a bit like Blake Griffin so I see why people make that comparison. The Kemp comparison could prove more apt if Gordon continues to develop. His progress with the Arizona Wildcats will be interesting to watch next season, and if it will be revealing to see how much head coach Sean Miller uses Gordon.

Whether Miller uses Gordon only in transition or also a bit in the post will tell us a lot as well. It will either tell us that Gordon knows how to operate in the post, or that his coach does not trust him enough to let him operate down there. Gordon could be up for Pac 12 1st or 2nd team as the season goes on, but that will likely be dependent on his health and development. If Miller starts to lean on Gordon early in the season though, then expect Gordon to start climbing up draft charts everywhere. There are already many who expect him to go in the top 10, but if his post game reaches the same level as his athleticism then we are talking about a whole different ball game.

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