Duke Blue Devils Commt Jabari Parker Still Undecided On Whether To Attend Mormon Mission

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, okay. Saw the tweet below about how Jabari Parker could stay with Duke University Blue Devils for more than one year because of a variety of reasons. But something else occurred to me today.

Parker has not even said publicly whether he will attend a Mormon mission or not, and though he probably will not go on one it would blow up the sports world if he did. Can you imagine if someone as high profile as Parker went on a Latter Day Saint mission? People would be instagramming pictures of him in his suit and tie, which would just be a bizarre sight to see. Social media has truly changed the sports world and it is going to be interesting to watch what kind of athletes respond well to it, and who it affects negatively. Parker has so far done quite well handling himself with the media, and the attention on him will go up even higher next season. Then who knows? Maybe he will ship off on his Mormon mission to Brazil to the delight of all basketball fans in Brazil.

Now if the flame has gone up too high, then reel it back in. This could happen; it most likely won’t happen, but it could happen and sometimes possibility can be a fun, cruel mistress.

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