Kentucky Wildcats Head Coach John Calipari Has Dakari Johnson As Weapon Off Bench

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Former Montverde center Dakari Johnson will be joining the Kentucky Wildcats next season, and amazingly he will most likely be coming off the bench for John Calipari. How Calipari uses the center will be tell us a lot about their national title hopes. If Johnson can spell Julius Randle, his roommate, then we could be looking at a championship worthy frontline. Calipari proved with Anthony Davis that he knows how to coach a young defensive talent, so I anticipate things going well for Johnson next season. He also has to account for his prediction after helping Montverde win the national high school invitational. He looked pumped up and you could blame the prediction on the emotions of the moment, but the Wildcats could have a real shot at getting to that stage. Johnson is a bold player, but he has the talent to back it up and he was called hidden game by the tweeter below.

Whether Johnson will see huge minutes for the Wildcats remains to be seen, but it will likely be determined by what Calipari sees on the practice court. Rooming Johnson with Randle was wise on Kentucky’s part as well, because it will help with their chemistry on the court. It may even make Johnson okay with coming off the bench, if that ends up happening. To stay posted on the Wildcats progress next season, you just need to stay tuned in to Rant Sports.

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