After Emmanuel Mudiay's Commitment Myles Turner Could Be in Mix for Southern Methodist

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Emmanuel Mudiay shook things up with his commitment to Southern Methodist University, and I bet Larry Brown has a smile on his face right now. Mudiay will do special things under the Hall of Fame coach, and this is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

The commitment has apparently had a ripple effect. Jeff Goodman recently tweeted the Myles Turner is now considering the Mustangs after Mudiay’s commitment. That would be another major get for Brown, and if he can pull it off then he will most likely win his conference at the very least.

Whether it would put the Mustangs in title contention could go up for debate, but I like their chances a lot more with Mudiay than without him. Adding Turner to the mix would only add to the talent poll, but we will just have to wait and see if he can be wooed by the Mustangs. Brown would certainly like to have the problem of having more talent, but it will still be another year before he gets to coach Mudiay. Hopefully it will fly by, because it’s going to be exciting to watch. That is all for today folks, but check back in tomorrow and we’ll keep you fresh and up to date on all the latest buzz. Basketball never stops.

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