Florida State Seminoles Commit Xavier Rathan-Mayes Ineligible for Freshman Season

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Well, it is a not great news day for Florida State Seminoles commit Xavier Rathan-Mayes. It appears from the article below that the forward will be ineligible for his freshman season. That is a true bummer for the young forward, but here is hoping that he can come back with a greater improved game, because it would be quite a bit of fun to watch him on the Canadian national team one day. He has to develop his game more to make that happen, but crossing my fingers over here.

The only real bright side is that he can keep his scholarship for this year, but he only becomes eligible to play next season. This is a bummer for the former high school teammate of Andrew Wiggins. It makes you wonder if Wiggins had caught wind that this might be a possibility. If he did catch wind of it, you can bet that it made the Seminoles a more unattractive option for him.

Well we will just have to wait another year to get to see Rathan-Mayes play, and in the meantime we get to enjoy Wiggins. Now that Rathan-Mayes has some time on his hands you can bet he will be watching his former teammate as well. Hopefully we can one day see them both play on the Canadian national team and that this eligibility issue becomes a thing of the past.

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