Duke Blue Devils Commit Jabari Parker Named SNY Preseason Fouth Team All American

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker is about to embark on a pretty unique journey. The social media athlete is still kind of a new thing, but Parker is one of the first and he has handled himself well so far. The Duke Blue Devils will be throwing a lot at him early, and the article below argues that he must win ACC freshman of the year to live up to the hype.

Admittedly I’ve written here that Parker will win the award, but his career is certainly not a bust if he fails to accomplish that. There are always extenuating circumstances like health that can always throw a monkey wrench in your life plans. Think of Kyrie Irving; he only played a handful of college games, but his game tape was impressive even if it was brief. It was good enough to make Irving the first pick in the draft, so not too bad. Hopefully injury will not happen with Parker (fingers crossed), but he seems totally healthy coming into this season and there is quite a lot to play for.

Parker’s old Chicago and AAU buddy Jahlil Okafor comes to town on October 25th, so we will definitely keep you posted on how that goes. In any case, this has been a fun summer of covering basketball and kind of a bummer that it is coming to a close.

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