Kansas Jayhawks Commits Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden Taking Classes Together

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games
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Kansas Jayhawks commit Andrew Wiggins is one of the the most hyped basketball athletes of the social media era, and so the amount of 19 year olds instagramming pictures of him in the next year should be pretty endless so get used to it folks. The Jayhawks are at least making sure Wiggins has company in his classes. Fellow members of the basketball team like Wayne Selden can make Wiggins feel a bit less awkward about all the attention in class if he has a couple buddies who he can joke around with. Regardless, having class with Selden could even help their chemistry. If they are doing homework together and possibly even taking meals before or after class, then that is a good thing for the Jayhawks.

Wiggins was this year’s Gatorade high school athlete of the year, which he won after a fantastic senior season at Huntington Prep. The competition was quite stiff, but Wiggins impressed last season with an even more refined game especially with shooting the basketball.

The forward’s high flying dunks have taken on their own life in the twitter community; the mix tapes are all pretty ridiculous, and the only difference next season is that those dunks will be featured on SportsCenter. It is going to be an awesome year of college basketball, and if Wiggins on court chemistry can lead to a win on opening day, then so much the better for the Jayhawks. Head coach Bill Self has said this is the most athletic team he has ever coached, so it looks like for the Jayhawks next season is going to be a year long highlight reel.

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