Forward Cliff Alexander May Be Leaning Towards Kansas Jayhawks

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Recently saw the tweet below and it appears that forward Cliff Alexander may be leaning towards the Kansas Jayhawks, which would be incredible news for the folks down in Lawrence. The Jayhawks and Bill Self are no stranger to recruiting success, which you can just ask Andrew Wiggins about if you don’t believe me. Self has said this is the most athletic team he has ever coached so you know they will be a highlight reel if nothing else. Wiggins will most likely have the Jayhawks in the preseason top 10, but from there it will be determined what the Jayhawks are able to accomplish on the court. They will have to enjoy him while they can though, because all indications are that he will be a one and done. It would certainly be a shock if he stayed longer than his freshman year.

Alexander and Wiggins will never play on the same team (at least in college), but that does not mean that Self’s recruiting success with Wiggins will not have an influence on the head coach’s ability to land Alexander. We will just have to see how this shakes out, but it should be fun to keep an eye on Wiggins and the Jayhawks next season. It is going to be season of college basketball that it is hard to keep your eyes off of.

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