Phoenix Suns May Have Eyes on Andrew Wiggings with Deliberately Bad Roster Going Into Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Something tells me that this might be intentional. Drafting Alex Len who is still developing and might not even be healthy next season. Hiring a rookie coach whose expectations will not be that high so early on giving you some leeway to lost a lot of games with nobody sniffing a nose. These are all the kind of moves that scream tank for Andrew Wiggins to me. It is probably wise on the Phoenix Suns part. It was not like they were going to seriously compete for the playoffs next season so they might as well get as high a draft pick as they can manage.

The Suns have kind of been an organization hard to root for. I love Steve Nash with all of my basketball heart, but that organization traded Rajon Rondo for cash. You just don’t do that. Even if you already have a franchise player at the same position, you still draft the guy and then trade him for other talent. That was a move that I had a lot of trouble respecting, and it has been hard for me to take them seriously ever since. We will just have to see what kind of assets they collect next summer, but something tells me that karma might be a cruel mistress to this team. They have been in a rough state ever since the Charles Barkley days and have never quite risen that high ever again in their existence.

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