Trey Lyles Visiting Rick Pitino and Defending Champion Louisville Cardinals

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Recently saw the news below that Trey Lyles would be visiting the Louisville Cardinals, who actually happen to be the defending champions for anyone who is short of memory. That was a truly memorable title run, and it is actually a bit surprising to me that players have not been drawn more to Rick Pitino as a coach. He is a Hall of Famer, and his pedigree is not to be discounted. He actually has pro experience, and pro contacts as well so it is a surprise to me that he seems to get be as great a recruiter as the other coaches. Larry Brown is another one of those old school coaches who only recently has seen fantastic recruiting success.

I guess people just forget about the old, great coaches of the past at times. Pitino seems to be happy in his underdog role though and he recruits players who are willing to fight for his vision. It is a shame Pitino’s success last season seemed to get overwhelmed by other sports news. It was a fantastic season by the Cardinals and if they can add Lyles to the mix, then one day they might be able to build it back up again.

For now though they are the defending champs and they will remain on top of the mountain until someone can bounce them off the top.

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