Tyus Jones Open To Anything During First Official Visit to Baylor Bears

By Dave Daniels
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

Point guard Tyus Jones is currently visiting the Baylor Bears this weekend with good friend and top ranked center Jahlil Okafor. This is Okafor and Jones’ first official visit, and their next one will be to the Lawrence and the Kansas Jayhawks. The Duke Blue Devils will then the last crack at the duo, and it is aniticipated here that the Blue Devils will ultimately be the option they go with. It is my opinion (with no real evidence to confirm it) that Jabari Parker told Okafor that the former Simeon (IL) forward will be staying at least two years in school. That would form a college team with at least three future starters in the pros, and possibly even superstars in the league if all goes to plan.

This is all assuming the Bears do not pull off a miracle and get a commitment from the duo before the end of Labor Day weekend. Do not expect that to happen, but definitely stay tuned in for all the latest gossip concerning their recruitment. Once they have made the commitment in early November, then we can get back to the business of high school basketball. It is going to get real serious, real quick folks. And though it will probably not make me more serious, we all just might have some serious fun along the way. The journey from the start of the season to NHSI will be a blast to cover, and I’m happy to do it. Seriously.

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