Coach K Considering Playing Duke Blue Devils Jabari Parker at Center Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Okay hold your horses. Yes, it was a sensationalist headline, but here you are so mission accomplished.

Jabari Parker will not be the starting center for the Duke Blue Devils next season, but there will apparently be periods of the game where Coach K will play Parker at the five spot. That will be really intriguing to see, and my only concern is that the young forward might get injured banging around down low too much. He can certainly defend and rebound, but it will be interesting to see what kind of players Coach K trusts Parker to not get hurt against. Shout out to Adam Rowe below for pointing out this tidbit.

Certainly not doubting Parker’s skill level, but he is more of a small forward or a stretch power forward. If Parker was going up against someone like say Dakari Johnson, then my concerns for Parker’s safety would be quite high. He would have to find new ways to protect himself in the post and especially during rebounding skirmishes, but Parker is a young man who is smart enough to adjust to different match ups.

Hopefully Coach K will use the former Simeon star wisely, and if Parker can stay safe then he will light up the ACC with his skill and competitiveness next season. Maybe even have an ACC player of the year award to his name.

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