Chicago Sun Times Ran a Jabari Parker Picture at 12 Years Old

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The picture in the tweet below is pretty adorable, and though Jabari Parker still has a little baby fat at twelve years old you can still see the laser focus behind his eyes. There is a young man there yearning for the next phase of his life, which will prove to be truly impressive. This piece highlights Parker as a future Olympian, and the young forward is going to the right school for that. His college coach is the head coach of the U.S. Olympic team as well, though Parker is not likely to land on the 2016 squad barring unforeseen events. We could see him in the 2020 Olympics though and maybe even a World Cup or two before that, but something tells me he is on the right track to make that happen. Who knows? Maybe he will finagle his way on to the 2016 squad in an Anthony Davis like role and just not get a whole lot of playing time.

The Sun Times deserves some props here, because Parker then went on to win four state championships after they printed his picture. His skill as a player has been at a high level for some time, and so the success he has with the Duke Blue Devils will come as no surprise here. Let’s all just strap our seat belts on for the next part of the ride.

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