Kansas Jayhawks Commit Andrew Wiggins Does GQ Photoshoot

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Saw the news below recently that Kansas Jayhawks commit Andrew Wiggins participated in a GQ photoshoot on Friday, so we will definitely keep an eye on when that issue comes out. Wiggins has had quite a good summer and saw this news in the tweet below.

The talented young forward was recently chosen as Blue Ribbon preseason All American and the accolades have likely only just begun. You can bet that we will keep you updated and if you are not excited for Wiggins’ debut at the college basketball level, then we are not a match. The lack of basketball in my life is truly a tragedy, so November cannot come soon enough for me. Wiggins was also chosen as the Gatorade high school athlete of the year in July, so the sponsorships for Wiggins have likely only just begun as well. Not exactly sure when this issue of GQ comes out, but let us hope that they did a decent interview with him as well as get some photos shot.

Wiggins is such an interesting young man, because he does not seek out attention but it does seem to find him at all times and the expectation has to be that it will only increase in the future. So I hope Andrew is ready, because it is going to be a thunderstorm.

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