Jabari Parker Needs To Bulk Up More for Duke Blue Devils To Play him at Center

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since word came out that the Duke Blue Devils were going to play Jabari Parker at center for stretches next season I have been worrying about the Chicago native’s health. This is probably premature on my part, and the Duke coaching staff certainly know what they are doing. Against most teams he will be just fine, but if matched up against someone like Dakari Johnson then Parker is going to need serious help.

The good news is that Parker still has time to bulk up more if the Blue Devils are actually planning on using him this way. The former Simeon Academy forward is used to winning, so something tells me he will bring that habit with him to Durham. No matter what position he plays you can be sure that ratings next year for college basketball are not going to be a problem. Parker has even kind of shockingly said that he plans to stay in school for more than one year, so it will be fascinating to see what he can accomplish in his time there. 

In any case, here is hoping that Parker is not injured while playing center, and if he can stay healthy then we are in for some special things.

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