ESPN's Andy Katz Says Arizona Wildcats Have Gem in Power Forward Aaron Gordon

By Dave Daniels
Aaron Gordon
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Andy Katz recently wrote that Arizona Wildcats commit Aaron Gordon is a “gem”, and you can check out his excellent piece below.

Apparently Wildcats head coach Sean Miller has been impressed so far as well, but more by Gordon’s intelligence than his athleticism surprisingly enough.

“Aaron’s greatest talent lies in his mind” Miller said to ESPN. “Highly competitive, intelligent, plays to win, great teammate. He combines this with exceptional athletic talent and physical gifts. It’s this combination that makes his future so bright. He also is very young [just turned 18], which is one reason why I believe he continues to improve at a rapid pace.”

If Gordon continues to improve at a rapid pace, then we could be looking at the Pac player of the year as just a freshman. It might just be a freshman takeover next season with one of the deepest recruiting classes in recent memory.

Living up to the Blake Griffin comparison might be a bit tough for Gordon to live up to, but he should shine in conference play next season. If he does that, then do not be shocked when Gordon goes in the top ten of next summer’s draft. Assuming that he comes out of school after a year that is, but that is never a guarantee. One guarantee? You will see multiple Gordon dunks on SportsCenter next season.

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