Kentucky Wildcats Julius Randle Could Be SEC Player of the Year

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle sure seems to get lost in the radar sometimes doesn’t he? With all the hype surrounding Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker it sometimes seems like Randle gets lost in the shuffle. It also probably does not help that he might be part of the most collectively talented recruiting class in college basketball’s recent memory. You might be able to make a case for the Fab Five being better depending on where Randle’s ceiling is as a player, but it appears to be quite high so this is definitely a Kentucky Wildcats squad that you are going to want to keep an eye on. He had some issues with with his foot during his senior year, but it should not be a recurring injury. In my mind, it is a no brainer: Randle will be SEC player of the year if he stays healthy.

Also, recently saw the piece below comparing Randle and Parler, which is worth checking out if you’re killing time at work.

Me? I’m just a bored basketball fan/ basketball writer who is killing the time until meaningful basketball by watching Erik Rydholm’s brilliant Pardon the Interruption, and hoping that Randle stays injury free this year. He might just have some fireworks in that athletically primed body of his. Something tells me too that Randle is going to be angry that Wiggins and Parker (intentionally or not) are sucking up all the attention.

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