Kansas Jayhawk Fans Love Andrew Wiggins, Not Crazy About New Uniforms

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Recently read the interesting article below about how Andrew Wiggins was looking in the Kansas Jayhawks uniform and it seems that Jayhawks nation love the young Canadian forward, but are not so crazy about the unis just yet. That is totally understandable; was talking to some friends about throwback jerseys the other day, and we all agreed they were way better than newer uniforms for the most part. Something makes me wish more programs would go the old school route, but that is probably not happening this century. You can check out how Wiggins was looking in the new duds below.

Wiggins was named Gatorade’s high school athlete of the year this July, and it was an honor to get to speak with him for a bit. Was impressed when he said that “the time was now” for Canadian basketball to take its ascension. Spoke with his father Mitchell Wiggins as well, and Mitchell gave all the credit for his son’s success to his wife which was quite touching. Predicted here before that Wiggins would win Big 12 player of the year next season and barring injury that remains my prediction. He will have a special single season of college basketball, and it should be one that we remember for quite some time.

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