Duke Blue Devils Forward Jabari Parker About To Plant a Flag in the ACC

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC is in major trouble. They are in the kind of trouble the Big East was in when Carmelo Anthony went to college for a year. Except Jabari Parker might even stay in school for more than a year, so yes everyone outside Durham should probably be afraid. There are really not a lot of teams in the ACC that will be able to keep up with Parker and if the Duke Blue Devils go through with their plan to play Parker at the five then they will be tough to stop. The article below breaks down how much Parker is going to change things for the Blue Devils.

This could just be the beginning of a period of Blue Devils dominance. It is not like they are trotting out a bunch of scrubs this year, but it could get even better if a certain package recruiting deal decides to go to Durham. I’d have to say this is Coach K’s most talented squad since probably the Grant Hill days, but will admit that is debatable.

It is going to be a show next season and the diaper dandies in Dick Vitale’s terms are going to be ready to ball. Forward Andrew Wiggins is arriving in Lawrence, while Julius Randle lands in Lexington forming one of the most loaded recruiting classes in recent memory.

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