Jabari Parker Can Relate to Harrison Barnes When It Comes to Preseason ACC Hype

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the last time a hyped forward entered the ACC as a preseason All American? His name was Harrison Barnes and if you are Jabari Parker, then you probably know about Barnes all too well. Parker is the next diaper dandy to come to the ACC, and Dick Vitale will certainly be screaming about him into the microphone come November.

Barnes worked his way out of the slump though, and if Parker struggles early then I’d expect the same from him. Work ethic is something that these two players have in common, and though Parker has a higher potential I’d put their work ethic as basically on the same level.

Below Blue Devil nation gets all hot and bothered, just know that I believe Parker to be a far better player than Barnes and do not expect the former Simeon Academy(Chicago,IL) forward to have the same early season struggles. My regular readers know that I have predicted Parker to be the ACC freshman of the year and possibly even contend for ACC player of the year.

In any case there will be plenty of fans with expectations now that Parker has gotten so hyped by Sports Illustrated and the rest. On opening tipoff? You can bet me and the rest of the basketball loving world will be watching.

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