Power Forward Julius Randle Should Have Championship Expectations for 2013-2014 Kentucky Wildcats Squad

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Power forward Julius Randle is coming in to this season with some high expectations, and after coming off of an injury plagued season it must be an exciting time for him. He has been picked as a preseason All American by some outlets and deservedly so after winning a state title last season.

His roommate Dakari Johnson certainly did not help matters with predicting a national title for the Wildcats last April. The expectations were there anyways, but you can bet that it will be brought up by analysts next year when they go back and watch the tape. Word out of Lexington though is that Johnson is impressing in practice, so the tandem of Randle and Johnson could prove to be too powerful for the SEC to handle.

But will they be able to dominate come March when they meet a player like Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker. That will be the true test, and draft positions could be at stake if things go well or poorly for Randle.

Let us hope that the expectations are not too heavy on Randle’s young shoulders, but something tells me the young man is ready for this. We will see if he can silence any critics out there, but it is going to be an amazing season of college b-ball.

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