Arizona Wildcats Head Coach Sean Miller Does Not Like Blake Griffin Comparison For Aaron Gordon

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Arizona Wildcats head coach Sean Miller seems to think that the Blake Griffin comparison for Aaron Gordon is “unfair”, and pretty easy to agree with Miller there.

“I think it’s unfair to put that on Aaron,” Miller told “I don’t know if he’s as much of a post player as Blake Griffin is. Aaron might not even be as big physically as Blake Griffin. … But he does some other things that are much different. He’s much more fluid away from the basket entering his freshman year, I think if you would make that comparison at equal time, than Blake Griffin (was). The one thing they share is athleticism in and around the basket or in transition.”

Gordon might even be able to contend for Pac 12 freshman of the year if he can finish well in transition next year. You can read Miller’s full comments below, which highly recommended.

Gordon will struggle to live up to the Griffin comparison, but it will likely be put to bed once the players face off in person. It just might be another couple years before that happens though, so patience is key.

It will be a fun match up to watch one day, and the second golden era of basketball is just getting started everybody.

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