D1 Circuit Tweets that PF Aaron Gordon "Primed to Do Big Things" with Arizona Wildcats

By Dave Daniels
Aaron Gordon
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Power forward Aaron Gordon will be starting his freshman year with the Arizona Wildcats shortly, so the race between him and point guard Nigel Williams-Goss for Pac 12 freshman of the year will commence soon. Williams-Goss tweeted “see you soon” to Gordon, and it is nice to know they have a good rapport already.

Gordon recently received a tweet from D-1 Circuit that said the PF was “primed to do BIG things” for the Wildcats next season. Notice the all caps for emphasis, and it is something have to agree with.

Do not think the Wildcats are going to compete for a national title next year, but a Pac 12 championship is certainly within their ability to accomplish. Also expect to see a lot of highlight plays on the SportsCenter top 10 from Gordon.

Gordon has been compared to power forward Blake Griffin in the past, but that comparison has mostly to do with their athletic ability and dunking ability. Some scouts have even said Gordon has a more complete game than Griffin at the same age, but we will just have to see about that one. The two will likely get to play each other in the near future, although that mainly depends on how long Gordon stays in school.

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