Emmanuel Mudiay Deserves Respect For Decision To Roll with SMU Mustangs and Larry Brown

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Emmanuel Mudiay has realized what Roy Williams realized long ago about college basketball. It is a pit stop for the pros, for the truly elite players. So why would they be so concerned with national attention when they could get better coaching or development somewhere else? Not sure.

Mudiay was quick to learn this, and so in his recruitment process the head coach was the most important element. Competing for a national championship? Playing in televised games? Getting a lot of media hype?

Those are all considerations that never seriously came into play for the Prime Prep point guard, and for that he deserves out respect as the tweet below point out quite nicely.

Mudiay decided to trust his basketball future to future Hall of Famer Larry Brown, which was a great decision. He will stay close to home for college, while also learning from a coach who knows what it takes to play point guard at the highest level.

Mudiay is keeping his eye on his future, while enjoying his present. He will be shooting for a national title with Prep next season, and if that is not enough then maybe we will be seeing a shocking run through March Madness by the SMU Mustangs.

It would be a fun sight to see, and you can bet Mudiay would be leading the charge.

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