Comcast Chicago Receives Emmy Nomination for Jabari Parker Television Special

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

CN100 Comcast Chicago received an Emmy nomination for their Jabari Parker television special, in yet another example of these young student athletes making a bunch of money for the adults. Parker has been fairly famous in the basketball world ever since Sports Illustrated called him the best high school player since LeBron James. Parker’s high school career was a truly stellar one that included many national player of the year awards and four state titles to boot.

Cannot remember if I saw this special or not, but congratulations to Comcast and you can check out their full facebook post about the nomination below.

Parker has flown a bit under the radar ever since Andrew Wiggins won Gatorade high school athlete of the year. Do not think that Parker’s competitive juices haven’t been churning for a full offseason and fully expect here that the young man is going to come back next season with an even more complete game than before. He released a promo video recently saying that “he can get a lot better”, and based on what he has accomplished in the past that just means we are in for something special in the future.

The real showdown comes in November though when Parker meets Wiggins. It is going to be a highly dissected game to be sure by both media and scouting services, because you can be sure that the McDonald’s All American game is not quite the same as when it really counts.

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