Duke Blue Devils Jabari Parker "Hasn't Been 100 Percent" in More Than Year According to Jeff Goodman

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Goodman pointed out something recently that I thought bore mentioning. Goodman noted that small forward Jabari Parker has not been 100 percent healthy in over a year, so you can bet the argument between him and Andrew Wiggins will continue to storm as we enter the college basketball season. It is something I forgot about Parker who came back from a foot injury his senior year to ultimately lead his high school to a fourth straight state championship.

Fortunately the two will be facing off on November 12th if memory serves correctly, so we will get some great tape after that game and probably have a clearer view of where they stand. You can check out Goodman’s tweet, and for the record he would select power forward Julius Randle as the top pick in next summer’s draft.

Parker and Wiggins will definitely have a big spotlight on them next season, and not just when they play each other.

Here is hoping that they meet twice next season, because the next time would surely be during March Madness which would be a game for the ages. Parker and Wiggins have both faced a pretty high level of hype so far, but it is conceivable they could both exceed their own hype but not likely.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird meeting in the NCAA tournament final took basketball’s popularity to another level, and I’m hoping Parker and Wiggins can recreate that in the 21st century. They probably will only meet once, but a guy can dream right?

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