North Carolina Tar Heels Keeping An Eye on Raymond Felton's Nephew

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

The North Carolina Tar Heels have done a solid recruiting job lately, although this season a championship seems to be quite far out of reach barring phenomenal offseason improvement from James McAdoo. P.J. Hairston’s offseason trouble will not have a positive effect on his stock, although it appears he will not be missing much court action so that is good to hear.

In much needed good recruiting news though, the Heels are looking to improve things in their future with a name you just might remember.

The Heels appear to be interested in a name that might be familiar, Jalek Felton, former UNC point guard Raymond Felton’s nephew just began his first year of high school and is already getting looks the UNC staff. The 6-foot-3 guard out of Mullins (S.C.) certainly projects as a point guard who can do damage if the young man is serious about his game.

Felton will likely get a scholarship offer in the next two seasons, and I’m sure the Tar Heels have been friendly so far. They might even have reached out to Raymond to find out a little bit about his young nephew. This is the way things go in business folks; you use every connection you have to get the thing you want. In this case? It is a another talented point guard out of South Carolina coming on down to Tobacco Road.

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