Jashon Cornell, Top Ranked Player in 2015 Recruiting Class, Dishes in New USA TODAY Sports Blog

By Dave Daniels
Heads Up Football
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Know it has been a while since I hit y’all with a football article, but here it is. The top ranked player in the 2015 college football recruiting class is Jashon Cornell and he had some thoughts recently on his USA TODAY blog.

“What’s up y’all! This is Jashon Cornell and I’m starting my new blog with USA Today where I’m gonna let you all in on my life.” Cornell wrote via Jason Jordan of USA TODAY Sports. “The season didn’t start out the way I would’ve wanted; we went 1-2 in our first three games, but I think we just have to come together as a team and work together every game. I think we all know that more now.”

His team is not doing too well but Cornell is, he has 8 sacks through 3 games which certainly impresses me for so young a player. He should have a pretty dynamic year if he keeps up that kind of production.

“So far I’ve got about eight sacks, maybe more, and a bunch of tackles. I like our team” he wrote. “We’ve got a lot of talented players on defense and a great quarterback and great players at the skill positions. We’re gonna put it together and come out stronger from here on out.”

These were just a couple tidbits, but you can check out the full blog below if it interests you.

Stay tuned for more coverage later on folks and thanks for reading.

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