Dave Telep Officially Hired By San Antonio Spurs, and Dissappears from Twitter

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Something amazing happened today, Dave Telep completely dissappeared from twitter!

Well there goes one of my main recruiting check ups on twitter. He was recently hired by the San Antonio Spurs, and it appears one of the job requirements was to get rid of twitter. Very SPurs like don’t you think.

Saw the official news below thanks to Antawn Hayward.

Telep most recently was an ESPN.com senior national recruiting analyst, while also spending time as a sideline reporter for ESPNU. In the last year, he also served on the USA Developmental National Committee for the USA National Team.

Telep will do a fantastic job with the Spurs. He did the sideline interviews at the National High School Invitational, and he did a phenomenal job. Did not get a chance to congratulate him personally, but saw the telecasts of all the games. His interview with Dakari Johnson was definitely worth checking out and you can see that stuff on youtube.

It was a well deserved hire by the Spurs, and he will be a perfect fit in the organization. Scouting is definitely his specialty and there is nobody better in the biz.

It would honestly not surprise me if Telep continued to advance within the organization, but could also see him staying in scouting if that is his true passion.

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