Duke Blue Devils Will Have To Step Up Big After Tyus Jones Baylor Bears Visit

By Dave Daniels
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

The Baylor Bears recently brought out the big guns on Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor’s recent visit, and they seem to mean real business in their football and basketball programs as of late. Saw the tweet below about the live bears that Baylor brought in for Jones and Okafor to feed which is pretty awesome. They also picked them up in a customized Baylor van, which made an impression to both the young men, Jones even blogged about it on USA TODAY via the fantastic Jason Jordan.

Also, saw the tweet below about Duke showing the duo the devil, which made me devilishly laugh.

The Blue Devils are still the front runner to me, but the Bears seemed to make an impression on the best package deal in NCAA history as well. They have said they will make a decision by November, so there will be an official announcement sometime around then. They have two more visits to make as well, so there will be some updates concerning those you can be sure. The Jayhawks are batting next, but the Blue Devils go last so you can bet they have a shot. Thanks for reading you all, and stay tuned for a piece later today on Okafor and what his impact will be on high school basketball next season.

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