Kentucky Wildcats Commit Tyler Ulis "Will Be Great" in Three Years

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Paul Biancardi will now have toe be my only trusted recruiting analyst over at ESPN, although I respect Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose’ opinion when they chime in on recruits as well. This is because Dave Telep left for his fancy new gig. Biancardi has been holding it down for us on the twitter front though so shout out for that.

The ESPN analyst belies that Tyler Ulis, and Joel Berry are among the players who are going to be special in a few years. I happen to agree and have to throw point guard Tyus Jones into that equation as well.

The two young recruits are going to the Kentucky Wildcats and North Carolina Tar Heels after this season, and both guards will give those programs a nice jolt. Lord knows the talent pool has been pretty high in both places, and we will be in for some great basketball in the next couple years.

Unfortunately the Biancardi article above is ESPN Insider so it is extra to read. Not sure why a media company would want their readers to have to pay extra to read, but that is the business of basketball folks.

Hope to see Biancardi at NHSI again, and thanks for reading you all. Feel free to comment below.

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