Emmanuel Mudiay Will Help SMU Mustangs and Larry Brown Solidifiy Their Program

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

When Emmanuel Mudiay committed to the Southern Methodist University Mustangs, it was a game changer for their basketball program. Pretty sure Mudiay will become the best player in their hisory after it is all said and done. He went there for the coaching and he will get great mentoring under Larry Brown, who knows what it takes to develop a young pro guard.

That is exactly the type of tutelage that Mudiay is seeking, and it wil lbe interesting to see how long he stays with the Mustangs. If he stays more than a year, then it indicates that his respect for Brown is truly enormous. If you are not familiar with Mudiay’s game, then I suggest you get to know him a little bit.

Mudiay made it a goal after last season ended that he would make it back to the National High School Invitational, and I expect him to accomplish it. Tasting defeat at the end of a year can put a different kind of motivation into your offseason training. I’m expecting a new and improved point guard play by Prime Prep next year, and it will be a freaking blast to follow. I typed this at a new apartment just moved into so don’t have wifi yet. But I’ll wander over to Starbucks tonight and fill you all in.

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